Berkeley Relief Fund

Community coming together to support small businesses, arts nonprofits, and residential tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our businesses, nonprofits & residents need your help!

city of berkeley logoBerkeley City Council has approved $3 million for emergency relief grants to small businesses, nonprofit arts organizations, and residential tenants, that are hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are hoping that the community will match this amount for those in need. Please make tax-deductible donation now.

Funds will be used only for emergency grants, and managed by the City of Berkeley.  Applicants in need will be able to apply soon.

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Racing toward our goal

Latest Update
Goal = $3,000,000 (match the city funds)

East Bay Community Foundation Tax ID: 94-6070996

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14 hours ago
I donated $100 to #BerkeleyReliefFund to help community business - small cafes, restaurants and shops. Despite such a small amount, I want to give my support.
14 hours ago
With the extension on the Shelter-In-Place, here’s a reminder to donate to #BerkeleyReliefFund to help
Support your local small businesses during this pandemic.
16 hours ago
Donate to the Berkeley Relief Fund, which is supporting renters, small businesses, and arts organizations.
16 hours ago
Hey, East Bay. (Especially techies with non-threatened jobs.)

Consider supporting the #BerkeleyReliefFund and help out small businesses, arts nonprofits, and residential tenants in need thanks to #Covid_19.