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Berkeley Relief Fund

Community coming together to support small businesses, arts nonprofits, and residential tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual Commencement

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Our businesses, non-profits and residents still need your help!

Over $4,500,000 of your donations and city funds provided relief to over

  • 700 small businesses, including 251 restaurants, 142 retail establishments, 85 personal services and 222 other businesses
  • 63 arts organizations
  • 214 families with rent assistance

But now it is winter.

Can you match what you donated previously?  Or could you make a donation for the first time? Your help will make a difference.

Everyone wants our community to rebound after this unprecedented pandemic.

Watch the recorded Kickoff

Our Campaign is not over. Please contribute

Latest Update
Goal = $3,000,000 (match the city funds)

East Bay Community Foundation Tax ID: 94-6070996

FAQ: How to donate by check

Continue to promote the cause.

Hear their Stories

Watch Videos of the Impact on Businesses

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