Berkeley Relief Fund

Community coming together to support small businesses, arts nonprofits, and residential tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Use your cell phone or camera to record a 30 second video (in horizontal/landscape mode) that:



Please start off video, with “Hello my name is <your name>, with <your business>…”


Share in heartfelt terms, the ongoing impact this pandemic has had on your business, employees and/or your family and livelihood


End your video by asking everyone to "please donate to the Berkeley Relief Fund today!”

Please email your 30 second video (in horizontal/landscape mode) to Brian Scott at Berkeley Community Media, or  Please include correctly spelled name and business in text or email, so Brian can properly identify on YouTube.

Your video will be posted on the Berkeley Relief Fund YouTube channel. 

Thank you for your diligence during these very difficult times.  We know this has been challenging for your family, employees and businesses/nonprofits.

Below are some sample videos.

In this together